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The India Steel Limited, Group's strength and the source of its success is our long-term relationship with our customers, suppliers, employees and associates. We strive to not only meet customers' expectations as they have grown accustomed to a standard of excellence from us, but exceed them in every way. We aim to continuously improve our plants, production capacity and service to keep up with and ahead of the industry. As a result, we are always expanding our product range and increasing volumes.

We bank on stainless steel as the resource of the future. It is an environmentally friendly, recyclable material, and hence light on natural resources as negligible fresh mining is required. The low maintenance, strength and long life of stainless steel make it the preferred material of choice in quality-conscious industries like construction, chemicals, food-processing, electronics and automotive parts.

India is mature in the world stainless steel industry, with ever-increasing product-range & capacities. There is a growing pool of skilled labour and technical staff who are capable of managing metallurgical & process parameters of stainless steel. India Steel Works is poised at the forefront of the Indian stainless steel industry, and its strategic location is perfect for capitalizing on this. The plants, located just outside the thriving hub of Mumbai city, are close to the ports, perfect for international shipment, and at the hub of the Indian highway system for domestic transport.

We believe that in staying true to our motto of "Inner Vision. Global Action" we can maintain our relationships with all our stakeholders, grow continuously, and match the world's best in stainless steel.


India Steel Works Limited was listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange in the year 1992.

Currently about half of the Company's issued equity capital is held by the promoters, and the rest is with the general public, bodies corporate and foreign institutions. The company has over 11,000 shareholders.

The operations of the Company are governed by an experienced Board of Directors comprising of executives, independent directors and major shareholders supported by highly qualified & skilled personnel, with intensive experience in the stainless steel industry.

The Company employs over a 1000 staff and workers across 3 factories.

Our total production capacity is 180,000 tons per annum.

The factories are spread across a land area of 160,000 square meters.

Operations are run out of a head office in the business hub of Mumbai, with plants around the city at Navi Mumbai, Savroli & Khopoli

Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance at India Steel is focused on fair business practices with all stake holders. Our business style is transparent and marked by integrity in all our dealings, as befits a publicly listed company. A tailor-made Enterprise Resources Program has been successfully implemented to tighten controls, increase efficiencies, and monitor costs. Employees from bottom-up are continuously being trained to ensure success of the program.

Continuous appraisal at the competencies of personnel in line with job requirements is carried out to facilitate higher levels of output and productivity.


At India Steel Works our goal is to achieve Zero Discharge at our plants, and keep our carbon footprint light.

At India Steel Works our goal is to achieve Zero Discharge at our plants, and keep our carbon footprint light.

Factories are equipped with primary and secondary treatment systems to capture and clean the fumes generated during steel-making. The waste gases from the melting furnaces and convertor are dedusted in the primary treatment system, and any such gases that escape are captured through the secondary treatment system, which purifies them & finally emits clean air.

Similarly, the fumes generated from the annealing and pickling processes are scrubbed and sent to effluent treatment plants. We have state-of-the-art effluent treatment facilities, which convert the chemical discharge into clean water to be recycled and used in the various processes. The dust generated from the extraction is sent to an independent & certified solid waste management facility for final treatment and disposal.


1959: The company is founded by Mr Harbanslal Gupta as India Steel Industries, with a plant for manufacturing bright bars & several other products in Central Mumbai with a capacity of about 4000 tons per annum

1980: The company narrows its focus to production of bright bars

1987: Emphas is shifted from carbon steels to stainless steels. 1990: Isibars Pvt Ltd (ISI standing for India Steel Industries) is floated and sets up in Turbhe, Navi Mumbai for the manufacture of stainless steel bright bars.

1992: Isibars lists on the Bombay Stock Exchange with an initial public offer, which is heavily oversubscribed.

1994: Isibars integrates backwards into steel melting and hot-rolling by setting-up a steel-plant in Khopoli, near Mumbai

1995: Major expansion plan kicks off to modernize the steel-plant, expand capacity, and increase product range

1996: Bright bar division started at Khopoli and bright bar capacity at Navi Mumbai is increased

1997: A wire division is started under the name Isinox Steels Ltd at Savroli near Mumbai

1998: A state-of-the-art bar and rod rolling mill is bought from Pomini S.p.A. (now Siemens VA) of Italy & commissioned successfully.

2009: The founder and Chairman of the company, Mr Harbanslal Gupta, passes away. Ashwin Gupta is appointed Executive Chairman and Sudhir Gupta as Managing Director, carrying forward the founding vision of a company committed to excellence.

2012: New furnaces and combined drawing machines are added to increase finishing capacity & improve quality.

2012: Steel-melting capacity is increased to achieve full potential of Hot-rolling facilities.

2012-13: Bright Bar capacity in Navi Mumbai shifted and merged into the Khopoli facilities.