The India Steel group has been producing bright bars since 1957. Through continuous process-improvements and product-development, and a commitment to customer satisfaction, India Steel is well on its way to becoming a leading global player in stainless steel long products.

harbansal Gupta

1959: The company is founded by Mr Harbanslal Gupta as India Steel Industries, with a plant for manufacturing bright bars & several other products in Central Mumbai with a capacity of about 4000 tons per annum

1980: The company narrows its focus to production of bright bars

1987: Emphas is shifted from carbon steels to stainless steels. 1990: Isibars Pvt Ltd (ISI standing for India Steel Industries) is floated and sets up in Turbhe, Navi Mumbai for the manufacture of stainless steel bright bars.

1992: Isibars lists on the Bombay Stock Exchange with an initial public offer, which is heavily oversubscribed.

1994: Isibars integrates backwards into steel melting and hot-rolling by setting-up a steel-plant in Khopoli, near Mumbai

1995: Major expansion plan kicks off to modernize the steel-plant, expand capacity, and increase product range

1996: Bright bar division started at Khopoli and bright bar capacity at Navi Mumbai is increased

1997: A wire division is started under the name Isinox Steels Ltd at Savroli near Mumbai

1998: A state-of-the-art bar and rod rolling mill is bought from Pomini S.p.A. (now Siemens VA) of Italy & commissioned successfully.

2009: The founder and Chairman of the company, Mr Harbanslal Gupta, passes away. Ashwin Gupta is appointed Executive Chairman and Sudhir Gupta as Managing Director, carrying forward the founding vision of a company committed to excellence.

2012: New furnaces and combined drawing machines are added to increase finishing capacity & improve quality.

2012: Steel-melting capacity is increased to achieve full potential of Hot-rolling facilities.

2012-13: Bright Bar capacity in Navi Mumbai shifted and merged into the Khopoli facilities.