At India Steel Works our goal is to achieve Zero Discharge at our plants, and keep our carbon footprint light.


The raw material that goes into the melting process for stainless steel is almost all recycled metal. We aim to not only reduce the consumption of natural resources in our factories, but also to minimize the gas, chemical and solid waste generated in the production process.

Factories are equipped with primary and secondary treatment systems to capture and clean the fumes generated during steel-making. The waste gases from the melting furnaces and convertor are dedusted in the primary treatment system, and any such gases that escape are captured through the secondary treatment system, which purifies them & finally emits clean air.

Similarly, the fumes generated from the annealing and pickling processes are scrubbed and sent to effluent treatment plants. We have state-of-the-art effluent treatment facilities, which convert the chemical discharge into clean water to be recycled and used in the various processes.

The dust generated from the extraction is sent to an independent & certified solid waste management facility for final treatment and disposal.